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Friday, 07 May 2004
EemValley is a new technology company addressing the emerging market of the next generation of Telecommunications Networks. In this market fixed and mobile and telephony and Internet finally converge into a Unified Network. Today’s technology market place is complicated, Open Source software makes it hard to compete by developing proprietary software, cheap production on the far east makes selling equipment a challenge, the Internet makes service deployment a risky affair as end-users may easily switch to a free service abroad.

EemValley provides knowledge and technology that enables service providers to localize their offering thus binding end-users.

EemValley believes that for a market to appear in this area the following aspects needs to be addressed:

  • Availability, is the service usable when expected/needed?
  • Ease of use, is the service easy to use or does using it require technical know-how and time to set up and maintain?
  • Security, am I vulnerable to viruses, worms and hacking?
  • Privacy, will my personal data and communication be private?
For Service Providers planning to operate services in this emerging marketplace relevant aspects are:
  • Reliability, will the service continue to run without constant intervention?
  • Manageability, can I easily deploy new versions of the service or completely services?
  • Billability, can I bill my users so they become customers?
  • Profitability, can I deploy the services cheaply enough and sell dear enough to make sufficient profit?
These aspects are currently underdeveloped. End-users need to buy and manage PCs and configure software extensively before basic services will be available. Viruses and worms seem inescapable and the service seems unavailable when needed (example traffic sites during bad weather). Service providers on the other hand face an ever-increasing complex set of service to operate and maintain yet have trouble charging users.

Watch this space for EemValley-developed solutions to these problems! 


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